Faux Floral FAQ's

  • What are faux flowers?  Faux flowers are an artificial representation of real, fresh flowers, created to be enjoyed forever.
  • How are faux flowers made?  There are a variety of
    techniques these days depending on the type of flowers or branches. Some are
    hand made from curling each petal, hand painting them and intricately attaching
    each part - one rose can take 60 minutes to create! Some are made from moulds
    and are quicker to produce.
  • Cleaning faux flowers? 

    Dusting is the best way to keep your florals looking fresh,
    especially if you have white or light-coloured blooms. Use a standard duster or
    a dry microfibre cloth to carefully dust the petals, leaves, and stems. You can
    swap your cloth out for a soft-bristled paintbrush if you want to really get
    into all the small nooks and crannies. An even quicker method of cleaning your faux flowers is to take them outside and gently shake them to free any dust. If the weather isn’t on your side, you can replicate this effect by using a hairdryer on the cool setting to blast cool air at the stems and loosen any stubborn dust particles.

  • Where can I buy high quality faux flowers? Well, RIGHT HERE! I pride myself in only selling and creating top quality products of all types. Our faux botanicals are all sourced and created with TOP QUALITY & look in mind!
  • Are Faux flowers allergy friendly?  Going faux with your floral displays is the best option if you suffer from pollen related allergies such as hay fever. They’re also pet friendly too!
  • Can the faux flowers be placed in water or set in vases with water?  As long as the stem is plastic then, absolutely, yes! If you’re using a glass vase, like our ‘apothecary vases’, then adding water to your displays adds to the authenticity of them! I love this look! If placing stems in water, then I recommend to trim all of the stems to size with wire
    cutters (as opposed to seeing a bent stem) and sealing the exposed wire at the bottom with a small blob of super glue or clear nail vanish to prevent rusting.
    Paper covered stems cannot be placed in water.